LSI Logic Cache Vault Power Module 02 (CVPM02) for LSI9266/9270/9271/9286. With 9" Short Cable. For LSI00297.

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LSI Logic CacheVault Power Module 02 (CVPM02) - for 9266/9270/9271/9286 Series Controllers

This is the power module with connection cable only. CacheVault Flash Module is not included.

LSI® MegaRAID® CacheVault™ Technology

Providing access to write-back Cache is one of the many benefits of a Hardware RAID controller card. Write-back Cache improves application performance by storing write data to high performance Cache Memory during periods of heavy use. When there is a break in user requests the data is then written from the Cache Memory to the array. During normal write-back operation, data is written to Cache (DRAM), the IO is acknowledged as “complete” to the application that issued the write, and later the write is flushed to disk. If power is lost while write-back Cache is enabled, the writes in DRAM may be lost. And since the controller has already acknowledged the IOs as complete, the application is unaware of the data loss.

To minimize this risk, Enterprise RAID controllers equipped with Cache typically offer a battery back-up (BBU) option. The purpose of the battery is to provide power to the controller in the event that the power from the Server is interrupted. This protects the data in the Cache until power to the Server can be restored and Cache data written to disk. While generally effective, BBUs may require maintenance, special handling and protect Cache data for a limited time. CacheVault technology, providing flash-based Cache protection for MegaRAID 6Gb/s SATA+SAS RAID controllers, offers a greener, lower total cost Cache protection solution without the drawbacks of a BBU.

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