Astek A33606-PCI 6Gb/s SAS Expander Card

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The A330606-PCI board is designed to allow a system designer complete flexibility in the use of the LSISAS2x36 expander. By purchasing the Astek product, engineers can rely on Astek's team of storage experts to deliver firmware and configuration assistance and support. The A33606 design allows platform builders to use the SAS expander ports in any combination (9 x4 wide ports, 4 wide ports and 20 target disks, etc.) and access a variety of enclosure management services including standard 4-pin fan supply/controls, GPIO pins for sensors and LED drivers, thermal monitoring, SGPIO interfaces on all internal SFF-8087 connectors, and an RS232 management port.The A33606-PCI card is a plug-and play solution, requiring no circuit design or complex software development, but is powerful enough to be extended and expanded to scale up to your design needs. 

  • 2 External SFF-8088 connectors (x4 SAS lanes each)
  • 7 Internal SFF-8087 MiniSAS connectors (x4 lanes SAS each with SGPIO side-band)
  • Gen2 6Gbps Performance
  • SGPIO support for all SAS lanes
  • RS232 Management port
  • 3 x standard 3-pin Fan Supply/Control headers
  • 10-pin100mil GPIO header for I/O & LED control

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Detailed product information and support from Astek web site.