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Hitachi HUS103014FLF2R0 146GB 10K RPM Fibre Channel FC Hard Drives w/tray.
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JDSU 64P0308 4Gbs SFP Optical Transceiver
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FCC-4700 - HSSDC - 3-pin PTP "Y" Cable
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SFP-DBm SFP Patch cable for Fibre Channel
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FCA-3500 Single-Drive "T-Card" Adapter - PTP Interface
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FCA-3000 Single-Drive "T-Card" Adapter - DB9 Interface
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FCA-2200-K 2 Gbs Single-Drive Low-Profile FC Adapter 1-inch Form Factor
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FCA-4200 4 Gbs Single-Drive Fibre Channel T-Card Adapter
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HP 191117-015 LC-LC Duplex Multimode 50/125UM SW Fibre Optic Cable. 15-Meter....
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HP 17-05405-03 12-inch Fibre Channel Cable with attached 4GB SFP transceiver.
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Fiber Channel Cable - DB9-M to 8-Pin HSSDCM 1GHz - 2Meter
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